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3 Helpful Negotiation Tips When Buying A Business

Check out these three helpful negotiation tips when buying a business.

Check out these three helpful negotiation tips when buying a business.

Negotiating a sale can be a tricky process, especially when buying a business that is so important to the seller. Buyers must remember how much time and effort a seller has put into their company, and be as amicable as possible. However, buyers also want to get the best price and deal terms, so negotiating requires a balance. Continue reading to learn about three helpful negotiating tips when buying a business.

Start Small

Start by building a good relationship with the seller, so they trust you as a reputable buyer who will offer a fair price. When you start negotiations, always start with small issues first. This helps you start on a good note, as you are likely more open to negotiating items with less importance. Meet the seller’s needs whenever possible to create a strong relationship, so you have a higher chance of negotiating more important terms to meet your demands.

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About The Price

Many people try to skirt around the topic of money, and buyers may be afraid to offer a price that is too low and insults the seller. However, it’s essential to be upfront with your price, especially if you’ve done your own evaluations and have an amount that is based on the company’s actual worth. Be confident in your price, and know that by leveraging the first offer, you are starting an open conversation that allows you and the seller one step closer to making a deal.

Alternative Solutions

Most business sales don’t go completely smoothly, and you may come to a stalemate with the seller at one point. Stay as open-minded as possible during negotiations, and instead of agreeing to everything the seller demands, look for alternative solutions that both of you will benefit from. For example, if you are up against another buyer and they have a higher offer but unfavorable terms, remind the seller that while you may pay a little less, the deal will close much sooner. Sellers who are nearing retirement may be willing to lose a little money in order to close a fair deal quickly.

Buying With Atlantic Business Brokerage, Inc.

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