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Are you interested in selling your business? Whether you’re a small business owner or a multi-unit operator of a major franchise, Atlantic Business Brokerage can help you achieve your goals.

Deciding to sell your business is one of the most important decisions of your life, both emotionally and financially. Many times, there are extenuating circumstances to consider when deciding to sell, such as health issues, retirement, or capital concerns. In other cases, business owners want a change of lifestyle, to take on new challenges, to downsize or expand, or simply capitalize on their investment and hard work. Regardless of the reason you are considering a business sale, we will help you explore all of your options so that you can make an informed decision as to whether to sell now, later or not at all.

A Trustworthy, Established Brokerage Firm

Atlantic Business Brokerage is built on integrity and honesty and has a long history of highly satisfied clients and customers.

We are not a large brokerage firm. However, we are a very successful one. This is due primarily to our experience and industry insight, but it’s also because we strive to develop personal and long-lasting relationships with anyone that works with us. Unlike many other brokerage firms, we emphasize the quality of service above quantity of businesses sold. Here at Atlantic Business Brokerage, we like to work with each individual seller on a one-on-one basis to assess their particular needs, address their concerns, and do our best to ensure they achieve the results they desire.

A Seamless Selling Process

Selling a business yourself can be an overwhelming and often frustrating process, and as a result, many business owners often settle for “less than ideal buyers” looking to purchase businesses at below market price. This is particularly true of franchised businesses, where numerous approval processes and franchisor requirements must be met in order to complete a sale and franchise transfer.

There are many factors to consider when selling a business, whether it is a franchise or not; What is your business worth? Where do you find serious and qualified buyers?… How do you promote your business for sale without disrupting your daily operations? What documents are needed to finalize a sale?

Atlantic Business Brokerage offers business owners a viable alternative to selling their business on their own. Our experience is unmatched in achieving maximum value for a business for sale in the most seamless manner possible.

Our Approach to Selling a Business

Our approach to selling a business is simple and straightforward, and, it begins with an initial analysis of your business and discussing with you the goals you are looking to achieve as a business seller.

We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in selling your business; you can do so by contacting us via phone or email, or, you can complete our business evaluation form, and we’ll get back to you promptly to provide our analysis and discuss with you any questions you may have about selling your business in greater detail.

Our initial analysis of your business is free of charge, and you are under no obligation to work with us whatsoever by contacting us. We will simply give you our professional evaluation of what your business is currently worth on the open market, and review what sale options are available to you based on your intentions and present circumstances.

Should you choose to work with us after our initial consultation, we will explain the entire sale process in greater detail and begin gathering data and additional information on your operations which will better help us to promote and sell your particular business. We will handle each step of the selling process from that point forward; from finding qualified buyers, to negotiating on your behalf, to arranging buyer approvals, showings, and financing if needed, to preparing closing documents, to ultimately consummating the sale for you.

Once we list your business for sale, we will market it to prospective buyers as discreetly as possible. We have numerous avenues to promote a business for sale, including multiple websites, print media, direct mailings, and many other resources. We have also built and maintained an extensive list of existing and former business owners over the course of brokering the sale of businesses for decades; business owners who are often looking to purchase, expand, or relocate operations. And, we frequently work hand-in-hand with many major franchisors, lenders, and other business insiders, so we are well positioned to efficiently sell your business to one of several viable buyers.

Working with Us

Each inquiry we receive from a business seller is handled with the utmost confidentially. We understand the importance of discretion and offer a unique approach to marketing and selling a business in order to account for this. Any information you provide or discuss with us is never wantonly disclosed to random potential buyers or third parties, whether you ever choose to work with us or not. If you do decide to have us sell your business, we will endeavor to not disrupt your normal business routine, expose sensitive information, or have you communicate with any buyer unless absolutely necessary. In fact, it is quite common for buyers and sellers we work with to never meet or converse with each other until a purchase offer has long since been formalized, or a closing occurs. We approach every aspect of the sale of a business with the highest regard for a business owner’s privacy.

Our time frame for selling a business is six months from the date we list your business for sale. Most businesses we work with are sold or under contract pending sale during that time. However, many businesses are sold long before the end of a six months day time period. Several factors determine how long it takes to sell a particular business, from a simple standpoint of supply and demand, to whether lender financing is a part of a transaction, to ever-changing market conditions, and so forth. If your business is a franchise, franchisor approval and franchise requirements also have to be considered in order to effect a transfer and consummate a sale. Once we have a deeper understanding of your particular business, we’ll be better able to determine how long of a sale process/sale time frame can be expected.

We work on a commission basis and only get paid when we sell your business. If we do not sell your business for some reason, you owe us nothing. There are also no hidden fees, up-front charges, deposits, marketing costs, or any other payments incurred for our services. By working strictly via commission payment, that is due only upon a successful sale, you can rest assured that we’ll work tirelessly for you and have your best interests in mind throughout the entire sale process. We are not interested in nickel and diming our clients or wasting their time or ours. Our only concern is helping each individual business seller achieve their goals to the best of our ability; only then do we meet our own standards of what a business brokerage firm’s mission should be.

If you’re interested in selling your business now, or contemplating a sale in the future, contact us and let Atlantic Business Brokerage show you what we can do for you.

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