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Purchasing a Franchise?

While we often work with locally owned establishments, we specialize in the sale and purchase of franchised businesses across the U.S. Unlike privately owned entities, there is much more involved with a franchise acquisition and transfer before a business sale can occur. Atlantic Business Brokerage has extensive experience in helping both franchise buyers and franchise sellers navigate any given franchisor’s requirements.

Purchasing a Franchise

Purchasing a franchise can often be a confusing and time-consuming process. Not only do typical non-franchised business acquisition conditions apply, but buying a franchise also requires the franchisor to approve of you as a buyer and agree to the proposed transaction between you and a seller.

If you’re looking to purchase a particular franchised business, and are not already an existing and experienced franchisee of that franchise, you will have much to accomplish in order to realize your end goal; from initial meetings to completing the necessary franchisor paperwork, to corporate training courses, and so on. Atlantic Business Brokerage’s familiarity with various franchisor policies and procedures, combined with our long-standing connections within the franchisor community, allows us to expedite the entire franchise approval process for you with ease.

In addition to helping you achieve franchisor approval, we will also provide you with crucial information and financial records of the specific business you’re interested in purchasing within a franchised system; information which a franchisor rarely has access to. Most franchisors know very little about the day-to-day operational expenses or profitability of their franchisees, so long as those franchisees maintain their franchises in good standing. Since we have both an in-depth knowledge of franchisor requirements, and access to individual seller’s business records, we are well positioned to assist each purchaser with the entire franchise buying process.

Advantages of Purchasing a Franchised Business

There are several advantages to purchasing a franchised business as opposed to a non-franchised one. Entering into a well-established franchise system allows you reap the benefits of a business model that is already in place, and that has been proven to generate positive results over time, as there is little to no guesswork involved in trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, the brand name recognition, marketing prowess, buying power, territory rights, and franchisor backing that comes with joining a major franchise, all make a franchise business acquisition a very attractive option to many purchasers.

Acquiring an existing franchised business also affords a purchaser the luxury to “hit the ground running,” without the overhead, buildout costs, and headache involved with building a business from the ground up. Attempting to found a successful business on your own without a built-in customer base, able staff, and franchise support is a daunting task that often leads to failure.

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