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Are you interested in purchasing a business? Whether you’re looking to become a small business owner for the first time, or are a seasoned franchisee looking to expand your operations, Atlantic Business Brokerage can provide you with a variety of purchasing opportunities to meet your needs.

A Guiding Hand

All of our associates have years of experience assisting small business and franchises buyers. We are well versed in the procedures and intricacies involved with purchasing a business or franchise, and we can address all of the needs and concerns you may have about the buying process.

We listen to your purchasing goals, discuss the options available to you, and help find the right business for you. We’ll never waste your time trying to sell you a business that does not meet your needs or that you’re not interested in. Once you’re ready to purchase a specific business, we’ll guide you through every part of the sale and purchase from start to finish; meetings, contracts, financing, approvals, closing, and more. Atlantic Business Brokerage takes care of it all!

A Well-Researched Investment

Each business that we have listed for sale has been thoroughly analyzed and vetted prior to it being available for purchase. These are exclusive businesses that you will only find available for purchase with Atlantic Business Brokerage.

Before we list any business for sale, we obtain and scrutinize all available financial records, and research any potential factors that may positively or negatively impact the business in the future. We subsequently provide this information to qualified Buyers who are serious about purchasing. We work tirelessly performing our due diligence to ensure that all aspects related to a business are known, so that you can make a well-informed decision as to whether a particular business is “the right fit for you.”

The Buying Process

The first step in acquiring a business is determining which business you would like to purchase. You can view all of the businesses we currently have available for sale by visiting our listings page. If you already know which business you are interested in, contact us, and we’ll review the business with you in more detail and begin supplying you with the initial data you’ll want access to.

If you’re still undecided or you don’t see a specific business you’d like to purchase among those we presently have listed for sale, let us know; we frequently list new businesses for sale that we can inform you about in advance, and have an extensive network of seller contacts that we can reach out to on your behalf to inquire if they’re currently interested in selling their business.

And, as always, we never charge any fees to any buyer, whether you’re just exploring your business opportunities, want some advice, or ever end up purchasing a business we have listed for sale.

A Discreet Transaction

Each of our transactions is conducted with the utmost care and privacy. One of our primary goals during the entire sale and purchase process is to be as discreet as possible with, and to protect the confidentiality of, all parties involved. You can rest assured that we do not provide, nor request you provide, any sensitive information of yours to any party unless it is with your consent and absolutely essential.

Accordingly, we also ask that you as a buyer agree to not disclose any information we provide you for a business to third parties, nor discuss with any party that a particular business is for sale, nor contact any employees or owners of a business without our permission. This is essential in maintaining the integrity and financial information of a business and to not disrupt a business owner’s daily operations.

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