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Past Businesses Sold

Five Guys Burgers: Multiple Units.New England, MA$6,900,000
Five Guys Burgers – Multi Store Sale.New Jersey, NJ$5,000,000
Five Guys Burgers: 6 Sites.Morris County, NJ$6,090,500
Five Guys Opportunity – Multiple Stores!Kentucky, KY$5,950,000
Five Guys – 7 Stores + Development Rights.Southeast, USA$6,000,000
Five Guys Burgers – High Volume Stores.Texas, TX$3,000,000
Five Guys…1 Store w/ Territory Rights.Texas, TX$325,000
Five Guys Burgers – Multiple Locations.New York, NY$6,500,000
Five Guys – 2 Sites & Development Rights!Texas, TX$1,500,000
Five Guys:  1 Store + Rights to 4 More.Indiana, IN$925,000
Five Guys Burgers in Washington State.Washington, WA$3,100,000
Five Guys…4 Open Sites in a Prime Area!Maryland, MDUndisclosed
Five Guys Franchise Opportunities in CA.California, CA$2,400,000
Five Guys. 2 Open Stores + Territory Rights.North Carolina, NC$1,200,000
Five Guys Franchises;  Multiple Locations.Vriginia, VA$2,200,000
Five Guys Burgers & Fries For Sale.UndisclosedUndisclosed
Five Guys Developmental Area Available.Massachusetts, MA$245,000
Five Guys Franchises – Rare Opportunity.Wisconsin, WI$925,000
Five Guys Franchise Chain – CASH COW!New Hampshire, NH$15,000,000
Five Guys Burgers & Fries – 3 Stores.Georgia, GA$1,100,000
Indoor Trampoline Park – Prime Location.Philadelphia, PA$2,950,000
Sky Zone Trampoline Park.Wisconsin, WI$295,000
2 Indoor Trampoline Franchises.Philadelphia, PA$4,400,000
$1M+ EBITDA Indoor Trampoline Park.Elmhurst, IL$3,650,000
Sky Zone Trampoline Park –  Nets $936K+.New Jersey, NJ$3,500,000
Trampoline Park – Priced to Sell – Hi Volume.Washington, WA$60,000
Trampoline Park – Expansion is Immense!Nevada, NV$1,650,000
Sky  Zone Trampoline Park – Netting $850K.Pennsylvania, PA$2,950,000
Franchised Indoor Trampoline Park.Pennsylvania, PA$2,000,000
Highly Profitable Trampoline Park.Pennsylvania, PA$3,850,000
Indoor Trampoline Center – Cutting Edge.Pennsylvania, PA$2,800,000
Trampoline Park – Awesome Location.Virginia, VA$4,600,000
Indoor Trampoline Park – Rare Find.Connecticut, CT$2,300,000
High Volume Sub Sandwich Franchise.Pennsylvania, PAPending
Recently Built Sub Franchise.Pennsylvania, PAPending
Two Sub and Sandwiches Franchises.East Coast, USAPending
Profits of $435K – 3 Sub Shop Franchises.Mississippi, MSPending
Sub Shop Franchise – Rare Opportunity.Washington, DCPending
#1 Sub Franchise For Sale in Delaware.Delaware, DEPending
Sub Shop Franchise For Sale in NY.New York, NYPending
Priced to SELL!…# 1 Sub Shop Franchise.Massachusetts, MAPending
$11,000 Per Week Sales Sub Franchise.Florida, FLPending
Sub Shop Franchise – Premium Area.Pennsylvania, PAPending
Two Sub Franchises For Sale.West Virginia, WVPending
Three Sub and Sandwich Franchises.Maryland, MDPending
Sub Franchise. HI VOLUME. $17K/week.Virginia, VAPending
Sub Franchise Grossing $27K/week.Washington, DCPending
#1 Sub Franchise in South Carolina, SC.South Carolina, SCPending
Sub Franchise in College Community!Virginia, VAPending
Worlds #1 Sub Franchise Location.North Carolina, NCPending
Sub Franchise For Sale in Ohio.Ohio, OHPending
#1 Sub Franchise For Sale in PA.Pennsylvania, PAPending
ROCK SOLID Sub Shop Franchise.Oklahoma, OKPending
Sandwich Franchise For Sale in Iowa.Illinois, ILPending
Worlds #1 Sub + Sandwich Franchise.Florida, FLPending
Nation’s # 1 Sub Franchise!Maryland, MDPending
Sub and Sandwich Franchise For Sale.Pennsylvania, PAPending
Gas Station, C-Store, AND a Sub Franchise.Maryland, MDPending
Sub Franchise & Pizza Business Together.Maryland, MDPending
World’s Largest Sub Franchise in WalMart.Indiana, INPending
Sub and Sandwich Franchise. Estate Sale.Pennsylvania, PAPending
Sandwich Shop – FANTASTIC CASH FLOW!New Hampshire, NHPending
3 Sub Franchise Chain Stores.California, CAPending
Sub and Sandwiches Franchise For Sale.Alabama, ALPending
#1 Sub Franchise in Delaware. Hi Volume.Delaware, DEPending
3 Sub Franchises For Sale in Georgia, GA!Georgia, GAPending
Sub Franchise For Sale. Excellent Lease.Maryland, MDPending
Long Established Sub Franchise in PA.West Virginia, WVPending
Top Sub Franchise For Sale in PA.Pennsylvania, PAPending
Sub Shop Franchise – Well Established.South Carolina, SCPending
 #1 Sub Franchise – Moneymaker.Pennsylvania, PAPending
#1 Global Sub & Sandwich Franchise.Mississippi, MSPending
#1 Sub Franchise – HUGE SALES!New Jersey, NJPending
Sub Shop Franchise – Great Location!Iowa, IAPending
$10,000/Week Sub Franchise For Sale.North Carolina, NCPending
#1 Sub Franchise For Sale in PA.Pennsylvania, PAPending
Sub Franchise. Priced Below Market.Texas, TXPending
Remodeled Sub Shop Franchise in Ohio.Ohio, OHPending
Sub Shop Franchise For Sale in New York.New York, NYPending
#1 Sub Franchise – $8K/wk+ Sales – Turnkey.Arkansas, ARPending
Sub Franchise w/ Property Included.Texas, TXPending
Highly Profitable Sub Shop Franchise.Washington, WAPending
Subway Sandwiches Franchise For Sale in PA.Pennsylvania, PAPending
$9,000 Weekly AUV Sub Franchise.Maryland, MDPending
2 Subway Sub Shop Franchises For Sale.Pennsylvania, PAPending
#1 Sub Sandwich Franchise For Sale.Connecticut, CTPending
2 Sub Shops in Virginia VA. Nets $131,000+.Virginia, VAPending
#1 Sub Franchise – $9500/wk Sales.Washington, DCPending
2  Sub Shops For Sale – Prime Locations.Maryland, MDPending
2 Sandwich QSR Franchises. PRICED REDUCED.Massachusetts, MAPending
Brand New Sub Franchise w/ HIGH SALES!Pennsylvania, PAPending
#1 Sub Sandwich Franchise For Sale in LA.Louisiana, LAPending
North Vegas Winner…#1 Sub Franchise Chain.Nevada, NVPending
Bargain Price ($99K) – Sub Shop Franchise.Maryland, MDPending
#1 Sub Franchise For Sale in Colorado, CO.Colorado, COPending