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How to Afford a Franchise

How to Afford a Franchise

There are multiple ways to finance a franchise; here are some of the smartest!

Getting into the franchise business is becoming a popular form of business ownership. Being a franchisee is one of the most stable and lucrative ways to become a business owner today. Of course, becoming a franchisee means that you will need to be able to afford the upfront costs. Below are some of the smartest ways to afford a franchise on a limited budget.

First Things First

Before deciding on a franchise financing option, you will need to determine the costs of buying your franchise and to determine your financial condition. Once you understand what you need and what you have, you can then go forward with choosing how you will afford a franchise.

Franchisor Loan

Most franchisors offer financing loans. You can work with your franchisor to set up a loan with a long-term, reliable lender that suits your needs. This option is one of the most stable ways to finance a franchise purchase. Another name for this method is franchisor assistance.

SBA Loan

Another relatively stable financing option is to get a loan through the Small Business Administration. If you are purchasing a well-known, well-financed franchise, you will have a favorable loan wherever you go. The SBA also has ties to many lenders and can help you find the right one.

Traditional Bank Loan

You can also find assistance through a traditional bank loan. While many lenders are out there, the bank is also a standard go-to resource for loans. Naturally, you will need a good credit score and collateral. Banks also tend to be more likely to give you a loan if the franchise is well-established.

Investors and Partners

Another way to stay safe in the buying process is to share the cost with several business partners or investors. Business partners and investors may have expertise that can contribute to the franchise’s success. The downside of this method is that franchisees will not be able to receive the full harvest from the business. On the other hand, diversification is always a good idea.

Equipment Loan

It is also possible to take a loan on just one aspect of the franchise costs, the equipment. Your franchise could need commercial ranges, a fleet of trucks, or milkshake makers. The equipment needed can range greatly. One can find a lender who specializes in equipment loans.

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