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Great Questions to Ask a Potential Employee During an Interview

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Every interview process is similar, but these questions will open up potential employees and help you understand them.

Every interview process is similar, but these questions will open up potential employees and help you understand them. Every person deserves respect, and by getting to know your potential employees throughout the interview process, you can show them respect. 

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years? In Ten?

Having a five or ten-year plan shows great ambition and initiative. Understanding an employee’s long-term goals will help you push them in the right direction. Whether an employee intends to stay with your business forever is not relevant. If they are present to learn, then teach them. By uplifting your staff to achieve their dreams, they will work harder while they are with you.

Are You Interested in Upward Mobility?

Again, having long-term plans that do not involve your business is not a bad thing. However, if you are looking for someone that does not want to progress in their career, asking them this question will give you a definitive answer. 

Is There a Reason You Sought a Franchised Business?

The benefits for employees at most franchise locations are huge. Many corporations offer scholarship opportunities and training courses. Specific scholarship opportunities like helping pay for business school or leadership-building workshops improve your employees’ skills. Training your employees creates loyalty and allows them to interact with the corporate culture. Many companies like Subway and Five Guys offer training classes that will very likely lead to managerial positions. 

Do You Know Your Communication Style?

Understanding how to communicate with your staff will increase productivity and create a close-knit workplace ecosystem. Many people will withdraw and eventually quit a position that has poor management. It can create issues with the chain of command as well. Poor communication within any business is a recipe for disaster. When it comes to restaurants, poor communication can mean loss of food or cooking injuries. Certain people are more assertive, making them excellent for customer service jobs that require a firm hand. By knowing your staff’s communication styles, you can put your employees in positions they will thrive in. 

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