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More than Burgers & Fries: Perks of Investing in a Five Guys Franchise

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There’s many perks surrounding Five Guys franchise ownership.

Whether you’re a new owner of a Five Guys franchise or a budding entrepreneur considering an investment in one, there’s many perks surrounding Five Guys franchise ownership. At first glance, you may disregard Five Guys as being just a burger shop. However, Five Guys franchises are more than just flipping burgers and serving up hot french fries cooked in peanut oil. Ownership of a Five Guys franchise can contribute to your financial freedom, entrepreneurial spirit, increase your investment portfolio, and serve as a staple in your community to provide hot meals to your neighbors made from high-quality ingredients. Here’s a few of our favorite perks surrounding investing in a Five Guys franchise.

Profitability of a Five Guys Franchise

Forbes once referred to Five Guys as “America’s fastest growing restaurant chain” and it’s continued success throughout the years has only contributed to the accuracy of that statement. Over the years, Five Guys has developed an incredible brand and reputation for itself that customers turn to time and time again when they’re looking to get a filling lunch made from high-quality ingredients. With numerous options to choose from like burgers, french fries, sandwiches, hot dogs, and milkshakes — there’s something about the classic Americana food prepared by hand that consumers naturally gravitate towards

An Affordable Investment for Potential Franchise Owners

Five Guys franchising is an affordable investment for would-be franchise owners and entrepreneurs. The total investment into a Five Guys franchise can typically run anywhere from 100k to 300k, depending upon neighborhood factors and other elements that may contribute to its overall cost. Upfront, you’ll need around 100k in cash to contribute to your new franchise based upon your initial investment. This is relatively affordable in comparison to established franchise brands that may require more cash upfront. 

Freedom and Flexibility in Franchise Ownership

There’s a lot of freedom and flexibility in franchising. As a franchise owner, you’ll become your own boss. You can pick your own schedule and you’ll also have a support team on deck through your franchise brand, with built-in marketing and a built-in reputation already established. For many franchise owners, they’ve even built out their own version of the American dream through franchising. Interested in learning more about Five Guys franchise ownership? Contact Atlantic Business Brokerage today!

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