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Top Reasons You Should Invest in a Five Guys Franchise

Five Guys is a popular franchise chain throughout the United States and has even extended abroad into the United Kingdom. With origins hailing from small-town beginnings in Virginia, Five Guys was originally a small family restaurant. Five Guys was founded by four brothers who decided to open a carry-out burger joint with fresh beef patties and french fries fried in peanut oil. This small, family restaurant quickly grew in popularity and now is available to purchase as a franchise. Here are our top reasons why you should invest in a Five Guys franchise.

Five Guys franchise

At Atlantic Business Brokerage, here are our top reasons why we believe you should invest in a Five Guys franchise.

Five Guys Franchise Owners Can Make a Pretty Profit 

While there is sparse public information available pertaining to how much a Five Guys franchise can profit on an annual basis, some data suggests Five Guys is incredibly profitable. According to the Franchise Business Review, a Five Guys franchise investment requires a smaller capital investment upfront than its competitors. By investing a smaller portion of funds, you could potentially capitalize on an incredible return profit. 

Five Guys Franchises Have Fresh Food 

Five Guys franchises have fresh food in comparison to other burger joint franchises. According to Five Guys official website, their burgers are hand-formed and cooked daily from fresh meat patties. Additionally, their fries are fresh-cut and cooked in pure peanut oil. Lastly, Five Guys claims that there are no freezers within their restaurant establishment — just coolers. That means that you’re never eating a frozen patty! That’s a huge difference that your customers can taste and appreciate.

Five Guys Continued Upward Growth 

Since Five Guys was initially founded, there’s been a noticeable upward trend in the restaurant establishment’s growth. Even throughout 2021, with their delivery options available, Five Guys has announced that they will be expanding their restaurants into a new country – Australia! As a fast dining restaurant establishment that has become a beloved household name for anyone looking for a high-quality burger, you can trust that a Five Guys franchise investment is the right investment for you.

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