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What to Look For in Employees for Your Franchise

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Hiring new employees is your chance to create a team of employees that care about building your franchise up.

Now that you’ve bought your franchise, it is time to hire some employees. Depending on your industry, your franchise will need specialized workers willing to integrate into your workplace culture.  

Attributes of Your Gold Star Employee

Before you start interviewing potential employees, consider making a list of characteristics the best employee for your franchise would have. Some common favorable attributes for employees are hard-working, good time management skills, a lack of clumsiness. However, no person is perfect. Some people are the best, have excellent customer service, and always arrive a few minutes late. Hiring new employees is your chance to create a team of employees that care about building your franchise up. 

Great Questions to Ask During the Interview

While preparing to interview people, have your questions ready with the possible answers you are looking for. Some great questions to ask are:

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
    • Planning for the long-term future is scary but necessary for every person. How your potential worker answers this question will tell you how they seem themselves, what they want from this job, and 
  • Are you looking for upward mobility?
    • A more direct future-oriented question, but important nonetheless. Your interviewee’s answer to this question will help you plan out how long they may stay with your franchise or if they are looking for management opportunities. If they are looking for more responsibility down the down, then you now have a possible co-investor or buyer in the future. 
  • Have you worked somewhere that you hated? Can you explain why?
    • This question will give your potential employee a chance to explain why they may have poor references. You may also be able to tell their communication style and how to work with them in the future. 

Specific Skills

At Atlantic Business Brokerage, we work with a variety of franchises. For each franchise, good employees have special skills that help them perform their best. Food service experience is excellent for Subway and Five Guys franchises. Someone with personal training skills or experience with kids would be a great candidate for a trampoline park. 

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